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My Poetry Journey

Writing poetry has been my most impactful form of therapy. When the world felt too heavy and my anxiety inescapable, I found space to breathe in my notebooks. I began my poetry journey by intentionally choosing difficult memories to write about. I didn’t want to live a life consumed in anxiety and anger, so I worked (very, very hard) to consciously face the pain points of my past. I let myself say the things I didn’t dare say before, and I also tried to take responsibility for the pain I brought upon myself (and others). The hardest part of this process was moving forward and accepting that there was no need to stay in these specific memories any longer. I tend to default to the negative in life and admittedly find it easier to write words full of hurt. But now, a few years after publishing my first two books, I’m returning to poetry with the aim to craft soothing, peaceful, and inspiring poems.

As you work through these pages, I hope you can feel the vulnerability, honesty, and intention behind every word. And most importantly, my wish is that my work inspires your own deep reflection within, challenges you to face the silent burdens you cary, and empowers you to take the reins of your life with passion and uplifted intention.

Both of my books are self-published, illustrated, and digitally assembled by me.
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Unraveling: Diary of a Self-Healer

Uniquely handwritten and designed to feel like you’ve swiped a personal diary, Unraveling: Diary of a Healing Soul defies modern rules of storytelling to offer an emotional connection to the author’s story. Each of the three sections represents poetic musings and breakthroughs along the author’s healing journey: breaking the addiction to “fixing yourself”, the curious exploration of identity, and embodying your fullest expression. Keep the book’s mantra “I am unraveling” close to your heart as you read, and witness these words evolve from an expression of distress to an anthem of self-love.

Vignettes: Poetry for the Awakened Soul

“Vignettes: Poetry for the Awakened Soul” is more than a poetic anthem for self-empowerment—it’s an invitation to find the magic in quiet moments. These poems are heavily inspired by nature and strive to evoke a sense of peace. Whether you are on the self-healing path or simply have a lot on your plate, may these words encourage you to soften into the beauty and stillness of each new day. So cuddle up, grab your favorite hot drink, and enjoy these beautiful illustrations and poems. May they inspire you to tune inwards, connect with your inner child, and deepen your joy.