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A Little Autumn Update

Several large photo prints of crystals.

Yes, I ache for summer back-breaking rock-hunting days at the beach…but its chilly! And it hasn’t stopped raining in practically two weeks. I had nowhere to go but my desk, nothing to do but the work I love.

And so I’ve been writing and rewriting and typing away at the novel. I’ve spent a few days bent over my camera, photographing Rose Quartz and Malacholla and Ammonite pairs. And as of recently, I’ve had a few late nights printing photo prints for the upcoming art show.

Then this week, my partner was out of town on a business trip and I had extra time with the kiddos. I kept ‘em distracted with fun Autumn projects and rainy movie dates and adventures around town. It’s a relief to have my partner home safe and sound again, but I’m also proud to have managed on my own for those few long days. I’ve never lived alone, and though I DEFINITELY prefer the life I have with my babies and my husband, it’s interesting now and then to be forced to spend more alone time with yourself.

Sooo I’ve retreated from the blog world for the past few weeks to manage the extra things going on here at home. And, I’ve been savoring this time too.

Things have been busy, but they’ve flowed. And when things flow beautifully, I just want to preserve the moment and keep it safe, keep it locked tight in my own little world. It’s almost as though the moment would vanish and the “busyness” would seep back in if I look at it too long.

Or maybe it’s as simple as wanting to be all-in on these tiny, quiet chapters. My heart feels full of gratitude and appreciation and joy, whereas I usually have a healthy dose of anxiety fogging my senses.

I don’t know, but I am feeling at peace. Right now, I want this quiet. I need this stillness.
I just want to soak up these cozy, dreary days.

And if cold, wet autumn days are your thing too, I hope you’re enjoying a few of your own too!

Wishing you a peaceful autumn! 🍁🍂


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  • Tamara
    October 21, 2023 at 7:59 pm

    So glad to see you back. And I am one of those people who love those rainy Autumn days. But it doesn’t rain here very much in the Autumn. They save all the rain for the summer here. 😁

  • K.F. Hartless
    October 22, 2023 at 10:31 pm

    You’ve managed to accomplish lot with this precious alone time. I miss those private moments in the fall, which is a time of year when so many waking moments revolve around my new students or my family. Sigh. But the weather is undeniably inspiring. I try to get to the back deck, or better yet, a stolen walk in the woods, whenever I can.

    • Samantha Burgett
      October 24, 2023 at 3:13 pm

      I’m sorry it’s such a busy time! I come from a family of teachers and it was always the same for them too. Enjoying some time out back sound amazing though (I admittedly need to get outside and enjoy this weather while it lasts too!) Hopefully you can steal some quiet moments alone, even just for a coffee/tea break or that walk! 🧡 🍂

  • Michele Lee
    October 23, 2023 at 12:13 pm

    Your writing is an invitation to slow down and savor life, art, and (for me) the memories of parenting a young child. Delightful, Samantha. Best wishes on your novel. 👏🏻

    • Samantha Burgett
      October 24, 2023 at 3:09 pm

      It’s tough when they’re little, but I’m trying to soak up these moments so I can have all those memories too. It’s already going so fast. 😭 Thank you for the kind comments Michele! I’m happy to have sparked a warm trip down memory lane! ❤️✨

      • Michele Lee
        October 24, 2023 at 5:05 pm

        Yes, it is tough and the day-to-day keeps you so busy that there isn’t much time for slowing down to appreciate, but if you can sprinkle in those moments, you’re doing fine! 💗 Easier said than done but take care of yourself, too.🌷

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