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“Celestial Lullaby” | Song

Image of the night sky with a mountain.

In case you need a little break to rest your eyes and quiet your mind, here’s a little song I made to help soothe the nerves! Wishing you a peaceful, happy Tuesday. 🙏🏼

“Celestial Lullaby”

 Close your eyes and enjoy this symphony of celestial sounds to help relieve stress. The tune gently repeats itself to offer an anchor for your mind, and is woven from an array of intricate melodies to help guide you back to presence should your thoughts wander. Created with the intention to uplift and relax, may this ethereal song serve you when you seek a moment of happiness!


I don’t mention it here on the blog very often, but I make songs, sound baths, and meditations from time to time. I’m a 500hr Certified Yoga Teacher with a personal focus in mindfulness and meditation, and enjoy making peaceful tracks to help soothe anxiety.

Want to explore more tracks? From nature sounds to crystal singing bowls, my songs are free on the wonderful Insight Timer app.

Photo by Kazuend.

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