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Building a Propagation Station

A pot of new succulent starts.

A few weeks ago I shared about planting seedlings into old plastic containers. I hoped for the best (and did enjoy quite a few little plants!). But unfortunately, my seedlings wilted soon after sprouting. I investigated and believe I doomed my little flowers by using inappropriate soil. This is my second year with this problem, and I was bummed to see this project fail. I couldn’t stand the idea of my little seedling corner going bare this spring, so I got to work to make the most of the situation and built a propagation station.

About once a year, I tend to all my plants and give them the full treatment. I refresh their soil, prune what needs to be pruned, and upgrade cramped plants to larger pots. This year, I also let myself go a little crazy with the propagation. I have quite a few overgrown succulents, so I decided to start over completely and make several baby succulent plants out of the scraggly mother plants.

I also recently received two new fiddle leaf figs in rough shape from their journey across the United States to my Michigan home. So, I dried their roots, pruned the overgrowth, and propagated several new fiddle leaf plants from the trimmings. Both plants (affectionally named Fraiser and Niles) already look happier!

I used a few old candle jars as holders for the standard black, plastic pots seedlings often come in. They don’t fit perfectly, but they polish the space up and add some color. This way, I’ll also be able to drain the plants properly—if water collects in the candle jars, I can dump the water easily.

Once again, time will tell which of the starts will grow and which will whither, but I’ve had much more success with fiddle leaf figs and succulents than I have flower seedlings. I’m hopeful! And I’m so happy to see my little propagation station full of new life. Soon, I’d also like to propagate my ancient hoya and Christmas cactus plants.

Wishing you a happy spring and the best of luck to any plants you’re caring for!

xo, Sam

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A large, scraggly succulent plant. A baby succulent in a woman's fingers. A tiny succulent start. A pot of new succulent starts. Four small pots with baby succulents. A Small Succulent Sprout Succulent leaves drying out on a towel.


  • Michele Lee
    April 18, 2023 at 8:52 pm

    Good luck with growing! I would be happy to send you some succulents trimmings from my state. 🌵 Gorgeous photos!

    • Samantha Burgett
      April 26, 2023 at 3:11 pm

      Aww thank you for the encouragment and the offer! That would be so sweet and I’d love to try to give ’em a new home! 🥰 I’m not sure how to ship trimmings yet, but I’d love to return the favor and offer you some of mine if you have need of more!

      • Michele Lee
        April 26, 2023 at 3:19 pm

        You are welcome. Let’s make it happen! 📧😁

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