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Algebra Nostalgia

Math Homework

Nearly 13 years later and I’m back in Algebra. Somehow, I still remember many of the steps and formulas. So much has changed since those days in school—and yet, not much at all.

As I plug away at my homework each night, I can see specific memories flash before my eyes of the first time I learned these formulas. I can see the classroom, feel the light from the windows warm the pages before me, hear the shuffling of Ugg boots and Nikes harmonizing with the sound of clicking calculators.

It’s a whole mood. Those years in math class now come back to me as this feeling packed with weight—one I would never have guessed would leave me nostalgic for this part of my past.

I wish I could thank my old teachers; their lessons clearly carried with me all these years, lightening the burden of all I’m learning now.

Regardless, I’m loving it all. The workload, the unreasonable amount of homework, the repetition… the scrape of graphite on paper and that comforting click of the calculator. These tiny little familiarities bring one seemingly unremarkable thread of my life full-circle—and it simply melts me.

I never thought I’d say it, but here’s to the math classes I took all those years ago, and the one I’m taking now.


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