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Impromptu Roller Blading Adventure

Woman roller blading.

This week, Gan and I didn’t have plans for our date night. After a few passes of “um, what do you want to do?”, we decided to let our intuition be our guide and fly by the seat of our pants. Some of our favorite dates have come from impromptu adventures, and it felt like the right time for such an evening. So after a quick bite, our impulses sent us to Dick’s Sporting Goods for a pair of roller blades.

We both loved skating as kids and haven’t done it in ten years or more, but man—gliding amongst the trees on an unfamiliar bike path felt like home.

It felt like birthday parties at the roller rink.
Skating with my parents on Halloween.
Journeying across town to the city pool.
Long conversations with friends as we explored winding neighborhoods. 

(I’m conveniently ignoring that time in college when I horrifically crashed and dragged my bloody legs two miles home, ha.)

Gan and I were only out for a short while, but our adventure through the woods made an incredible memory and rekindled my thirst for nature.

On the ride home, we talked about the deer, hidden pond, and beautiful sunset we saw. If we had followed our routine of simply grabbing sushi and coffee, our date night would have mingled into the mental hodgepodge of similar memories. Because we chose to follow our impulses and trust that our intuition would deliver a good time, we now have an incredibly vibrant array of new memories to carry into our future.

If you take anything away from this tiny story, let it be an encouragement to switch up your routine from time to time. To trust that sometimes not having a plan is the best plan. Dare to try something new, and you may just create a lasting memory.



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