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3 Cute Date Ideas to Keep You In-The-Moment

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As I reflect over the past seven years of my relationship with my partner, I’m amazed to notice the distinct chapters we’ve already been through. There was the honeymoon stage, where everything felt spontaneous and exciting. Then came early married life, when we were adventurous and traveled every other weekday. When we had kids, we strived for a calm, grounded sense of normalcy amidst the chaos of the terrible twos.

Over the years, we’ve fallen into a routine that keeps our lives balanced. We may not get out as much as we used to, but we look forward to regular trips to the playground, take-out sushi meals, and relaxing car rides around town. This routine keeps us thriving as a family during this stage in our lives—so much so, it can be challenging to come up with one-on-one date ideas outside of our safe, normal routine!

Whether you’re a busy parent, a job-juggling student, or anyone in-between who relies on routine to thrive, coming up with fresh and creative dates might feel more like work than pleasure. I’ve been there, so I want to share a few cute date ideas that will breakup your routine and keep you and your partner in-the-moment.

Write a Bucket List

Now is the time to think ahead with your partner! Create a list together, outlining goals that get you both excited for the future. You can keep your list as simple or grand as you like, but the more intention and excitement behind your choices, the better! Make it a date and get creative. Keep your list in a place you’ll both see it, as a gentle reminder to manifest your dreams consciously. Bonus: Take a polaroid photo when you accomplish one of your Bucket List goals, and keep your list and photos in a scrapbook for your future selves!

Amateur Photoshoot

Grab your Instax camera and get out of your comfort zone! (Your phone is fine too, but there’s just something fun about physical photos.) Before you have time to realize it, life will sweep you and your partner to the next phase of your journey; intentionally take photos of yourselves so you always have a little piece of this reality with you. To turn your photoshoot into a date, get really intentional about where and when you’ll snap pictures of one another. I recommend choosing a location that means something to both of you and represents your current relationship. Whether you choose a picnic at your favorite park or the couch in your basement where you enjoy time together, simply let loose and photograph what makes the two of you, “you”.  

Future Love Letters

Wrap your date night in all the feels as you take the time to write a letter to one another. Pick a day to open your letters that’s far into the future (an anniversary, holiday, or a random Tuesday) and seal your letters in envelopes until that day arrives. As you return to the routine of everyday life, you’ll be able to look forward to when you can sit down together and read each other’s love notes. (How cute is this idea?!) Bonus: Throw a few photos or moments into your envelopes to spice up the surprise!


I hope you and your partner can use one of these cute date ideas when life feels a little too routine. The goal is to do something unique, laced with intention, so that you’re both more likely to create a lasting memory.

Which idea is your favorite? Did you think of your own idea? Let me know in the comments below!


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