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#1 Manuscript Update: It’s Time to Begin.

Moon and Clouds Reflected in a mirror.

It’s 12:39 am and I’m bleary eyed, walking the tightrope between anticipation and intimidation.

I know it’s time. It’s time to write.

That story that caresses my mind, waiting just below the surface of my awareness.

I feel it—the story.

I know the characters.

I see flickers of their trying and triumphant moments.

I can feel the plot, sense the way it will cary my heartbeat from scene to scene—moving me, toying with me, as if the only reason I live is to create and devour fantasy.

My mind races at the thought of what I’ll build…the endless nights I’ll pour myself dry just to give life to the worlds I explore in my mind.


And love—and betrayal and mystery. I’ll write the pieces of me I can’t explore in this reality.

It’s intimidating.

But I know it already exists.

Somewhere, brewing in my subconscious, every detail awaits the command of my focused intention. I see these novels in my visions. Tangible manifestations of my dreams, resting beneath my fingertips…

So I remind myself, it’s time.

I know it is. Time to dive a little deeper into the realm between dimensions, to fetch those characters beckoning for my undivided attention.

This is a game of trust and intuition. Unbridled faith that I can persevere, I can do this.

Today, I begin.



PS: “WIP” stands for “work in progress”, for those who are wondering!

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