Journal / Poetic Reflections

Expanding My Horizons

Large tree illuminated by light in a dark forest.

Life—the way it shifts is often a surprise, but less so when I tune into my intuition and listen to that part of me that knows what I want most.

Lately, what I want most is to redistribute my energy. To expand my horizons into new territories, and refine the attention I give to familiar places.

I’m writing articles on Medium.
Finding new communities on Twitter.
Syndicating to Pinterest.
Weaving deeper intention into Instagram.
Indulging in human connections on membership platforms.
Exploring new worlds in fantasy novels.
And above all, prioritizing consistent soul-inspired content for my own website.

What I’ve learned already is just how small my scope has been for so long. I’m multifaceted, and my projects have preferences for where they’d like their homes to be.

I’ve spent years bending my work to fit one platform, often to the liking of what I believe I “should be doing”, refusing to believe there could be supportive communities anywhere else.

This chapter of life urges me to shift, for now at least.

The world feels a little larger now, and far more welcoming than I hoped to believe. I’m learning how to hold the puppet’s strings and support each wing of my work, while forging connections with people across several platforms and industries.

It’s scary, feeling like I’m balancing so many new things—but it’s scarier to admit that it’s working. I enjoy the intricate workflow, which ironically flows smoothly. I enjoy the thing I always said I wouldn’t—branching out from safe, Instagram territory.

And when you enjoy what you do, you’re on a surefire path to where you hope to be heading.



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