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Barre, Dr. Strange, and Collaborations

This month, I’m beginning a new series called “Monthly Insights” where I’ll share a summary of my month and all the things I’m currently into (or not into!) This series feels like the perfect way to get personal and share a little more of what’s going on for me behind-the-scenes. I’ll share the details about my work, home life, hobbies, and future goals. So, without further ado, here’s my roundup for June 2022.


June was an incredibly expansive month for my work and business goals! It’s as if all the planning, organizing, and mental purging I’ve been doing these past few years has finally allowed space for clarity and alignment.

Here’s what happened at work:

  • I had the honor of writing a short guest blog post for The WE Experience—a group of women supporting women through stories.
  • I made my first sale through affiliate marketing! Sounds small, but this is a BIG deal for me. I’ve been working so hard to create a business structure that is scaleable and emotionally in alignment, and I can see the proof that my work will pay off. Woot woot!
  • I scored my first brand collaboration since my vlogging days at YouTube. I’m so excited for the opportunity to support an awesome, ethical brand that aligns with my values—and actually receive compensation for the hours I put in. I’m over-the-moon grateful for the opportunity!
  • I transferred my website over to WordPress—a grueling, backbreaking task, but one that was so incredibly worth it! I mean, look at this website. I’m so excited to have this digital home and can’t wait create, create, create!

Home and Fitness

This month, I took a break from the treadmill and did a Barre program from Alo Moves. I loved it! I appreciated these intense, short workouts; they brought me back to miserable conditioning days during cheer practice. Did I mention these classes were intense? I had to loudly curse my way through each class and struggled to keep up, ha! If you’re looking for short, straight to the point, and effective exercises, give barre a try. Here’s the program I did.

I also fished a chin-up bar from storage and now try a pull-up or two a few times a day. I’ve gone from not being able to lift myself off the ground to being able to (kind of) get two! Ish. One solid one, and one weak-ass one. Ha.

Food and Drink

Oh man. You guys know I’m a sucker for my daily decaf lattes, but this month I purchased almond flavored syrup from Torani and I’ve been reliving my dreamy barista days ever since. (I used to make cherry almond lattes at work all the time.) Also, GREAT news—one day while skimming the label, my husband discovered that Torani is a Certified B Corporation brand! Now, I’m even happier to purchase these syrups and support Torani.


Hello Marvel fans—I’ve got something to say to you. Doctor Strange and the Multiverse of Madness? I’m into it. I heard many people weren’t so satisfied, but personally I thought it was one of the better Marvels I’ve seen lately. I did however miss the last Spiderman movie, which apparently suggested more would come into play in the Multiverse of Madness than did. I guess I won’t know for sure, but I thoroughly enjoyed watching Strange plunge through multiple universes to save the day. It’s my cuppa tea.

My husband and I also watched The Northman, which left us with varying opinions. The movie was nothing like the trailer suggested, leaving us feeling slightly manipulated. The film also presented an intense, graphic representation of life during the 10th century in Iceland—something I thought I was prepared for, but still was shocked to see. However, when I toss the trailer aside, take a step back, and view the movie as a whole, I can appreciate the somewhat Shakespearean plot. It’s one of those stories that tugs at your moral compass, leaving you gingerly rooting for a bad man who cannot escape his own, self-prescribed fate. It was fascinating, to say the least.


I’ve been loving Tove Lo’s latest three singles. I’ve loved the Swedish singer since her “Habits (Stay High)” days, but haven’t connected to the artist as strongly over the past few albums. But this one? This one’s going to be good. It’s got 80’s electronic vibes and highlights her vocals—I’m here for it!

I also spent a week listening to Phil Collins after watching Tarzan with my kids. I’m very happy about that. Phil’s got a voice as smooth as a bold americano’s crema. 

What’s Next?

Well June, it’s been real, but I’m already looking ahead to July. In the coming weeks, I’d like to resin some of my older paintings and create a few new ones. I’d also love to deep clean and organize our basement and garage—both of which were sorely neglected over the winter months.

As far as OM Alignment goes, I hope to simply continue forward! I still have my ‘bleh’ days, but I’m overall inspired by what I’m currently creating, which is a main priority for my life. What more could I hope for?

No, really—what’s next on the agenda? I’m here for frequent evolutions and the thrill of the surprise. 




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