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How to Create A Sacred Space

If you’re on the personal development and self-discovery path, creating a sacred space can propel you forward with more momentum. Your “sacred space” is a place you carefully, consciously design. Once inside your little “zen den”, you’ll be able to better relax your mind and body for more potent personal-growth results.

Step 1: Find the Perfect Spot

So here’s the deal—you’re going to want your sacred space to be somewhere permanent, but you don’t need a ton of room. In fact, if push came to shove and the only room you could spare is the bed you sleep on, that’s fine! The goal is to simply choose a space that can feel special to you. Pick someplace that already elicits good feelings when you see it, and can be customized to your liking.


  • an empty corner in your home
  • a quiet and soothing place in your backyard or on your patio
  • your bed, or the space on the floor beside your bed
  • a place where you use your yoga mat
  • a small meditation table, or an end table reserved for you
  • the bath tub

Step 2: Prepare your Physical Environment

To get the most out of your sacred space, you need to prepare both your physical and mental environment. Begin by taking a look at the physical surroundings of your sacred space; you’ll want to feel a soft spark of inspiration and relaxation upon entering this area. This will ensure that your subconscious isn’t simply perceiving the area the same way it would a bustling kitchen or a busy living room.

Your physical surroundings effect your overall mood—just as a doctor’s office may make you feel nervous and a quiet spa can elicit calming sensations, the space you pick and your subconscious associations of that space will contribute to your mood.

So! Do your surroundings inspire you? Is there a clear distinction between your office and your sacred space? Use this opportunity to customize your space to your liking.


  • surround your space with your favorite plants
  • add photos or posters with images that inspire you
  • stock your favorite blanket and/or yoga bolsters
  • have music, diffusers, and atmospheric lighting at hand
  • store your journals, favorite books, and hobbies nearby
  • bring any additional things you love into this space

Step 3: Prepare your Mental Environment

When it comes to using your “zen den”, prepping your physical surroundings will only serve you once you’ve prepared your mental environment. Think about it—you could walk into a gorgeous wedding venue feeling over-the-moon excited about what you see. Or, you could walk into the same venue and barely notice anything around you because your mind is worried about people noticing a large stain on your pants. It’s all about mental perspective, baby.

Your sacred space is the place to let out your worries and anxieties in a safe, controlled environment. This isn’t about getting swept away by your emotions into a never-ending downward spiral—this is about soothing your nervous system and subconscious so you can take a look at the hard things while still maintaining awareness.

So how do you accomplish this control? Set an intention. Get clear on why you’ve created your sacred space, and how it will serve you. When you set an intention and lean into it fully, you soothe your subconscious mind from putting up walls. This gives yourself a chance to explore all the cluttering thoughts and feelings you’ve buried within so you can more effectively process and let go of what no longer serves you. Craft an intention that suites your current needs. (You can always adjust the intention down the road, when your life and circumstances change.)


“This sacred space feels safe. It helps me relax fully so I can problem solve, identify my mental blocks, and move forward in life more efficiently.”

“This sacred space feels rejuvenating. It allows me a chance to decompress from the noise around me so that I can once again feel my inspired, calm, happy self.”

“This sacred space inspires me. It gets me in my feels so I can clear all distractions and create art from my heart and soul.”

Craft an intention that suites your current needs. (You can always adjust the intention down the road, when your life and circumstances change.) When you use your cozy, inspired, consciously created sacred space, recite your intention and lean into the process of letting go.

What do you think?

Do you currently have a space that you visit to unwind? Are you inspired to create a more purposefully design space, just for you? I hope this article sparked some ideas and can help you establish a reliable space for tuning inwards, getting clear, and moving forward in life.


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