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Endless Loops of Creative Flow

Days turn to weeks. Weeks turn to months. Months, to years. We plan and we prepare, setting the foundation for the future of our dreams. We draw an outline called “From Here to There”—a playbook to illustrate our journey from present moment to ultimate end goal.

But are we in pursuit of what we want most? Will the goals of our day-to-day guide us to who we hope to be in the future?

I ask myself this question, daily as of late: “Why am I building what I’m building?”

I have endless curiosities. A passion for inspired creation. I love molding art from words and shapes and paint and light. I find creative flow easily, and constantly explore something new.

But again, I ask myself: “why am I building what I’m building?” Or rather, “why am I building what I’m building each day, when I have a different end-goal in mind?”

If you’re like me, you have goals you hope to manifest. Whether they’re vague or vivid, you have a notion of who you’d like to become and what you want to establish in life.

Are you building a bridge towards that goal, or are you exploring detours every step along the way?

And yes—creative flow is magical, but despite its euphoria, it can sweep you far from your destination. You may enjoy the detour, but wouldn’t you enjoy living your ultimate dream more?

Isn’t that why we dream?

I ask myself why I wander and the answer is immediately clear—fear.

I choose to bask in endless loops of creative flow so that I may avoid an unknown road ahead. “A creation a day keeps the fear at bay,” so to speak. And yes, a life of endlessly creating my impulsive inspirations could be an incredible one—but not if I’m also carrying hope for a specific future in my heart.

There will be no peace of mind with this juxtaposition. I must choose one or the other; endless spontaneity, or conscious creation towards my dream.

It’s a lesson that’s difficult to learn, because I’ve found safety by crafting a spontaneous identity. But, I know I’m unwilling to let go of my dream. I’m unwilling to avoid evolving into the next version of “me”.

So, with discipline as my medicine and faith as my guide, I choose now to close the endless loops and finally move forward. And I ask you—do you feel the pull to close the loops too?




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