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Sand Cloud: Saving Marine Wildlife One Towel at a Time

We’ve all been there—our glorious beach adventures result in last-minute towel purchases, a carload of sand, and soggy towels for the drive home. While I can deal with extra sand and wet towels (if I have to), I’m not so thrilled about restocking my questionably made, worn-out beach towels season after season. So, when I began my search for large, sustainable towels, Sand Cloud stole my attention.

I’ve followed Sand Cloud’s journey for a few years—I purchased their reusable metal straws pre-pandemic and loved the company’s clear mission to save marine wildlife. Then when I began my search for sustainable towels, it was hard to ignore their extra-large, lightweight, and sand-resistant products. My husband and I purchased our first set of towels this season, and I’m proud to announce (after years of curiosity) that Sand Cloud is definitely worth the hype.

My Experience

Let me tell you—these towels are large! Both my husband and I purchased an XL towel and were surprised to see just how big they are. My husband is 6’2” and still has plenty of room to spare, whereas my 5’2” frame gets swallowed in tie dye fabric. I’ve found that I prefer the extra inches, and enjoy using my towel as a blanket around the house.

During a recent trip to Lake Michigan, I tested Sand Cloud’s “sand-resistant” claim. I was pleasantly surprised to find that sand didn’t cling to the fabric the way it would your typical terrycloth towel, and shook off easily before being packed in the car. I also definitely noticed that this towel dried at a much quicker speed than I’d normally expect. Points all around!

Sand Cloud’s Mission

Sand Cloud built its foundations around their commitment to support marine wildlife conservation efforts. 10% of their profits religiously go towards a charity or organization that’s helping to keep our oceans thriving. Sand Cloud’s contributions are the heart and soul of their brand—it’s why they do what they do, and not a mere afterthought. This is a brand on a mission to not just create a sustainable product, but more importantly to make a difference in the world.

Sand Cloud contributes to numerous organizations. At the time of writing this article, their donations go to the following groups:

  • Coral Restoration Foundation
  • Hawaii Wildlife Fund
  • Loggerhead Marinelife Center
  • Marine Conservation Institute
  • Marine Mammal Care Center Los Angeles
  • Ocean Connectors
  • Pacific Marine Mammal Center (PMMC)
  • San Diego Coastkeeper
  • Seal Rescue Ireland
  • Surfrider Foundation
  • Sea Shepherd
  • Wetlands and Wildlife Care Center (WWCC)
  • Whale Shark & Oceanic Research Center (WSORC)

Materials and Design

All Sand Cloud towels are woven form Turkish cotton. According to Sand Cloud, Turkish cotton is more absorbent, stronger, and softer than the fibers found in your typical terrycloth towel. Stronger fibers means a longer lifespan—something the conscious consumer is always on the lookout for.

As far as design goes, these towels set the bar high. Sand Cloud towels are multi functional thanks to their larger-than-average sizes and feather-like weight. Wear your towel to the beach as a sarong, lounge upon it at the beach, or cuddle up with it as a blanket for movie night. (All things I personally do with my own Sand Cloud towel!)

Price and Patterns

As of the time this article was written, Sand Cloud towels are typically priced as follows:

Regular – $48 (USD)XL – $79 (USD)Party Blankets – $148 (USD)

NOTE: Some towels are priced slightly higher or lower than these standards, presumably due to slight variations in sizes and demand.

When it comes to patterns, Sand Cloud sports an eclectic variety. Many towels reflect oceanic and marine life themes, including drawings of turtles, whale sharks, beach waves, and whales. On the other hand, they’re not afraid of a little fun and stock tie die, boho, and Adobe inspired designs.

Noteworthy Certifications and Standards

Sand Cloud certainly deserves some points when it comes to their philanthropic efforts and commitment to cleaning up our oceans. However, they share little information about the behind-the-scenes manufacturing process. Crafting durable, sustainable products is commendable in this day and age, but it must go hand-in-hand with ethical working conditions for factory workers.

Sand Cloud shares that their towels are made and loomed in Turkey. However, they do not disclose information about factory conditions and do not claim to have any social or environmental certifications that may hold their brand accountable.

More From Sand Cloud

In addition to beach towels and party-sized blankets, Sand Cloud has expanded to making a wide variety of home and accessory products. The company boasts clothing made from recycled plastic bottles, reusable metal straws, and glass water bottles. They’ve also launched bathroom towels, bathrobes, kitchen pot holders, aprons, and hand towels.

Final Thoughts

Sand Cloud stands apart from the crowd with their sand-resistant, lightweight towels. They offer generous sizes so that even the tallest of us can feel cozy on those breezy summer days. While I’d appreciate to hear updates from the brand regarding ethical and eco-conscious certifications, I’m happy to support Sand Cloud and their mission to save marine life.


Disclaimer: I did not receive compensation or free items to write this feature—all thoughts and opinions are solely my own, and the company mentioned does not have a say in what I write. Thank you!

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