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Find Happiness in the Little Things

It’s the mundane, repetitive moments that need our awareness—the little things  we do each day on autopilot.

How many hours a day do we spend tidying? Organizing? Washing, folding, putting away?

We make dinner.
We water our plants.
We walk our dogs.
We breakdown boxes for recycling.

How many days of our lives go to these small, routine moments? A ton. Days upon days upon days.

Let your mind marvel for a second at the thought. That’s a lot of time, and how you feel during that time contributes to the overall “mood of your life”. Call it your “lifetime mood board”, if you will.

Page from the poetry book,

Photo by Samantha Burgett

When we reach our last days, we’ll not only review our memories—we’ll bask in the feelings of our past. Our lives are more than what we see and what we do—they’re a conglomeration of emotions and impulses. And just like our actions, these feelings add up to represent who we are.

And who are you?

Who are you when your mind wanders as you scrub your plate clean? Do you feel overwhelmed by the mundane to-dos on your list? Do you feel resentful?

Or are you collecting sweetness in the “nothingness” of routine life?

Here’s your gentle reminder to find happiness in everything you do, even if just a whisper. Breathe a little space around the discomfort, and accept the struggles you face. There’s always a way. And there’s always a chance that contentment could grow into happiness, and happiness could grow into bliss.

Create and collect those peaceful, little things like cherished memories. It’s not the future that holds the key to your happiness—it’s the moment you’re in.




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