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Use This Self-Motivating Tip When You’re Feeling “Off”

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Today I want to share one of the most helpful self-motivating tips I’ve learned to help me catapult out of a funk. Specifically, I’m talking about those dreary, anxiety-riddled days when it’s tough to get dressed, let alone function among other humans.

These seasons come and go for me, but over the years I’ve found a system that seriously helps. And, well, I have to give all the credit to Harry Potter and his little jug of liquid luck. (Refer to Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince, Potter fans!)

This trick has lead me to some incredible encounters and synchronicities, all of which I never would have experienced had I chosen to slump beneath the sheets all day. From metaphysical shops to the local book store, I’ve enjoyed calm, dreamy adventures thanks to this little trick.

Before moving on, I want to remind you to tap into yourself and know when you need to seek help from others, and when you could just use a hefty dose of internal, intrinsic motivation. This trick is for you if you fall into the latter category.

So What’s the Tip?

Let’s break it down into clear steps:

1. Meet yourself where you are. Let yourself stew in your feels. Roll and flop around your bed, slump in your chair, or aggressively pace the room. Do what you need to do. Acknowledge the excuses rolling around in your head. “You’re too anxious, too lazy, too underdressed, too tired, etc.”. (Sound familiar?)

2. Acknowledge that where you are is not where you want to be. If you wanted to feel uncomfortably anxious, confused and frustrated, you would feel content about feeling so disheveled.  Read that again—

If you wanted to feel uncomfortably anxious, confused and frustrated, you would feel content about feeling so disheveled.

Chances are, you don’t feel content and you’re likely seeking a solution to these feelings. The only way out of this situation is to switch things up.

3. Decide that you need an adventure and you don’t know where you’re going. Seriously. Just like in the movie, except think of this process as trusting your intuition rather than being drugged by a potion. If it helps, call out to your Higher Self, guides, the Universe, and say, “Hey. I need a change of scenery to break this cycle but I don’t want to do it. Help me out guys. Please and thank you.”

4. Define Your Perimeter. Set a permitter in your mind. Want to stay in the house? Cool. Willing to fill a few hours around town? Better. I recommend setting a mental permitter to give yourself permission to venture around your city, within the limits of your permitter. At this moment, you probably won’t feeling like leaving the house, but that’s okay.

5. Breathe. This process is about letting go and trusting your intuition. Trust that some part of your consciousness is not overwhelmed, and is clear-minded with your best interests in mind. Listen to your intuition as you close your eyes, breathe, and tap into the peaceful feeling of acceptance. Set the intention to move out of your funk by taking physical actions.

6. Receive and Leap. Now let your intuition speak for you. Ask, “what do I want to do?” And BAM allow a thought, image, feeling, or suggestion to enter your awareness. Trust the very first thing that comes to mind, and do it. No questions asked. You don’t have to feel great or excited, but you have to follow through.Do you get an image of the dirty dishes stacked around your kitchen? Take care of ‘em! Feel a strong pull to the farmer’s market down the street? Grab your keys and take the leap. Go! Perhaps you’ll receive an urge to skip the farmer’s market and simply walk around downtown—who knows! That’s the point of this exercise. Like Harry Potter going to Hagrid’s house without a clue as to why, follow the directions of your soul with confident faith that it’ll work out in the end.

7. Keep Flowing. Find a rhythm with asking “what’s next?”, receiving an answer, and following through with that answer. This works best if you can also tap into a feeling of curiosity—“Oooh, what’s going to happen next? Where will this journey take me? What will I do today that I otherwise wouldn’t have?”  Maybe you’ll donate your old clothes. Perhaps you’ll feel called to the local dog shelter. Or maybe you’ll wind up in a quiet park, far from the bustle of daily life. Keep going as long as you can, and enjoy the ride!

8. Give yourself the credit. Realize that you’ve led yourself on this adventure. No one told you to get up, put clothes on, and move. YOU found a way to move out of your funk and experience life. You found a way to make the most out of this beautiful day, and now have the memories to prove it. Think of this as your super power! You can tap into a part of yourself that’s always clear and inspired any time you want. How amazing are you?

BONUS: Document your day. How do you break a habitual cycle? You make it a big deal every time you detour from said cycle. If you successfully found yourself up, moving, doing, and exploring—celebrate!  Write yourself a quick journal entry. Tell your best friend about your day. Put a sticky note on your bathroom mirror that gushes, “Way to kick ass, you little self-motivator you!”

Final Thoughts

If I could add anything to this, I’d say keep an eye out for synchronicities. I’ve had the loveliest time using this liquid luck trick, and almost always stumble across beautiful synchronicities, manifestations, and signs. And remember, this doesn’t have to be a crazy hyped-up experience—it’s okay to have a calm, seemingly uneventful time. The point is that you’re experiencing life, shifting your perspective, and moving your body.

So what do you think?

I hope this tip can be as helpful for you as it is for me. While writing this piece, I found myself using this self-motivating tip during dull moments to help me adjust my environment and ignite more inspiration. Your intuition is a wonderful tool, and can be adapted for use beyond those dreary, “off” days.




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