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Brentwood Home Crystal Cove Cushion Set


A few years ago, my husband surprised me with a beautiful collection of meditation and yoga cushions from Brentwood Home, called the “Crystal Cove Yoga Cushion Set”. Nowadays, this set is the focal point of my meditation corner and a staple for my personal practice. From restorative yoga, to playing my singing bowls, to lengthy meditations, to propping myself upright in bed for movie night—these cushions are always an arms-length away.

The Outside

As someone who’s particularly picky about the styles and colors I invite into my personal space, I was swooning before even resting my bum on these intricately designed cushions. Inspired by the surf and tide pools at California’s Crystal Cove State Park, this set boasts an eye-catching embroidered design that looks like waves—fitting for subliminally helping to calm the mind.

These cushions come in a neutral, silvery grey color. No matter which room I use my Crystal Cove Yoga Cushions, they look incredibly chic and minimal. The material is thick and feels incredibly durable—a detail I love, considering these products are meant to support your weight and frequent use. I also appreciate the sturdy handles sewn onto the edges of each cushion, which makes carrying them from room to room less cumbersome. You can browse Brentwood Home’s website for more styles and limited-time colors.

The Inside

While beauty can certainly be inspiring, it’s the inside that counts. Brentwood Home fills each cushion in this set with sustainable and vegan “buckwheat fill” sourced from North Dakota. And with a removable easy-wash cover, refreshing the buckwheat in your cushions is easy. (I personally haven’t found the need to refresh mine after two years of use!) Additionally, the Crystal Cove Yoga Cushion Set has a long list of noteworthy certifications, including being Climate Neutral, GOTS Organic, and Vegan.

How I Use This Set

Although they’re branded as “yoga cushions”, I personally use my Crystal Cove Cushion Set in a variety of ways. I love using the long, skinny Pranayama Yoga Cushion beneath my knees when lying flat on the ground for extended meditations or Shyvasana during yoga sessions. The Oval Meditation cushion is my favorite to use when leading sound baths or guided meditations, as it encourages me to keep my spine long and straight. The Yoga Bolster Cushion is my favorite for Yin Yoga or supporting tired muscles after a long day.

Price and What’s Included

As of the date of this article, the Crystal Cove Yoga Cushion Set retails for a discounted price of $149 (originally $187). The set includes a meditation cushion, a yoga bolster, and a Pranayama cushion. Each cushion may be purchased individually. Brentwood Home also offers a large Crystal Cove Square Meditation Cushion, not included in the Crystal Cove Set. (Their square meditation cushion is definitely on my wish list!)

The Company’s Mission

Brentwood Home goes above and beyond when it comes to doing their part to help the planet. The company boasts not just one, but several missions, including fighting climate change, lessening waste and energy consumption, and supporting those facing homelessness.

Brentwood Home uses a variety of recycled, up-cycled, and natural items in the production of their own products in a conscious effort to minimize their impact on the environment. The brand also encourages social justice and conscious consumerism through their partnerships and certifications.

Noteworthy Company Certifications:

  • Climate Neutral certified
  • Fair Trade certified
  • FSC® certified
  • GOTS certified organic facility (LA factory)
  • Uses the Recycled Claim Standard
  • Nearly a Zero Waste brand (currently at 95% diversion)
  • Committed to Planting over 10,000 trees within the U.S.
  • Greenguard Gold standard for nearly all products
  • Vegan Certified for the Crystal Cove Yoga Collection

More From Brentwood Homes

Brentwood Home crafts more than just incredible yoga cushions. They specialize in making mattresses, bedding, dog beds, kids’ play couches, yoga mats, and more. (My family’s dog has enjoyed the Runyon Orthopedic Dog Bed for several years now!).

Final Thoughts

In closing, I love my Crystal Cove Yoga Cushion Set and recommend it to anyone in search of sustainable, thoughtfully made yoga pillows. But more importantly, I adore this company’s fervent devotion to minimizing their impact on the environment. Brentwood Home is a trustworthy company and an inspiration in the industry for ethical and sustainable practices.

Disclaimer: Affiliate links appear within this article, meaning I may earn a small commission on items purchased through the links. These commissions help keep OM Alignment running so I can continue to share free and accessible resources. All thoughts in this article are solely my own. Thank you!

So what do you think? Do you use yoga bolsters and cushions in your practice? I’d love to hear in the comments below!

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